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Alarm Messenger

Alarm Messenger

Product description

Both traditional and modern smart factories controlling systems are full of advanced and essential devices and equipment that are required to function constantly at an optimal level with limited supervision. Nevertheless alarm management has become the most effortless way to prevent the system crashes and device failures by optimizing data collecting and effictive notification.
Alarm Messenger are designed to identify the event of abnormal behaviors and failures at certain work sites or even autonomous work stations, and then issue timely alerts to assigned operators by text-based notifications and E-Mail. With Alarm Messenger, the system operators enable the significantly streamline worksite management, keep the situation awareness, and reduce potential costs or safety related incidents incurred by planning replacement and maintenance accordingly.

System Structure


Key Benefits

1.  Dynamic and simple customizable settings allow adding or removing the users.
2.  Issue the alert based on an escalation list that defines a number of users by alarm priority.
3.  Display alarms in drop-down menu for quick snapshot of installation and operation.
4.  Operator's easy deployment and efficient management.
5.  Seamless integration with iFIX alarm system.
6.  Program-less function empower the flexibility and utility by issuing the notifications over text and E-Mail to the
7.  Accessible communication log for enhanced monitoring efficiency.
8.  User defied menus of following items which can be modified:
     Node / Tag Name / Alarm Status / Value /Description / Alarm Extension 1 / Alarm Extension 2
9.  Upto 7 levels of configurable alarm priority (include: CRITICAL、HIHI、HIGH、MEDIUM、LOW、LOLO、INFO)
10. Pre-configured alarm areas ensure the effective alert transmission.