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iH 系統架構圖
iH 系統架構圖

Proficy Historian

Proficy Historian

Data is the foundation of making decisions. The value of process historians is well understood. Customers in every industry and every geography rely on process historians as their primary operational data store.
Product description
Powerful industrial time series data collection that provides Predix IIoT connectivity at the edge Best-in-class Historian solution from the edge to the cloud.

Historian from GE Digital is a best-in-class historian software solution that collects your industrial time series data needed to analyze asset performance so you can drive greater business value. The emergence of cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and big data solutions has spurred new investment in our Historian.

Proven with a 15+ year legacy and thousands of installs at customer sites, Historian changes the way companies perform and compete by making data useful. You can take advantage of the solution’s simple yet powerful features to unlock new value from your machine data and business models.
•  Achieve fast time to value with simple installation and easy-touse web clients with integrated tag searching and drag-anddrop features
•  Support high availability with data redundancy
•  Leverage continuous and highly scalable data read and write functionality
•  Reduce storage costs
•  Save time and costs with seamless ingestion to HDFS, adding time-series data to your big data analytics
•  Take advantage of the time-saving dashboard, whereby critical data finds you
•  Easily deployable mirrored architecture based on GE’s U.S.-patented highly efficient and secure storage format
•  Intelligent system diagnostic engine and dashboard
•  Browser-based central administrative console and trend client
•  UAA/OAuth2 Java Web Token security model
•  Multi-threaded for high performance
•  Scales to millions of tags
•  Predix cloud connectivity
•  Cloudera certified method to move and query data in HDFS / Hadoop to Parquet
•  Public REST API